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Smeg is Italy’s largest privately owned domestic kitchen appliances manufacturer renowned worldwide for its innovation, architectural style and superb engineering.

Smeg was founded by the Bertazzoni family in the 1940s as Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla (metal enamelling factory in the village of Guastalla, Reggio Emilia). The company remains a family-run business under the direct control of Roberto Bertazzoni. Indeed, it is Bertazzoni’s foresight that secured the talents of world-renowned architects such as Mario Bellini, Guido Canali and Renzo Piano at a time when kitchen appliances were considered nothing more than utilitarian workhorses.

Today that foresight continues with Smeg constantly breaking new ground in design originality and superior performance. Smeg classic appliances elevate food preparation areas worldwide into architectural masterpieces. Smeg retains its leading edge in the worldwide market through a total dedication to the design and manufacturing of specialist appliances. A continual monitoring of trends and developments in both style and technology has led to a constantly evolving partnership with leading architects and designers. Indeed, this dedication to the marrying of style with function has created an ongoing love affair between Smeg, architects and designers worldwide.

With their sleek, stylish European looks and smart, up-to-the-minute finishes, Smeg appliances immediately stand out in terms of design and functionality.


Innovation, research and design are integral to everything that is Smeg. Fresh design and technological innovation are essential in maintaining such an eminent position on the worldwide stage — and it is to this end that Smeg has a culture of employing acclaimed architects and designers such as Guido Canali, Renzo Piano and Marc Newson to design complete collections.


Smeg offers the most advanced air extractors in the world from energy saving, noise reduced and increased capacity (ENC) options, to automatic sensor controls (ASC) which detect vapours and automatically adjust speeds to the appropriate level. Smeg even has a home comfort (HC) option which periodically refreshes the room to eliminate any unwanted lingering cooking aromas.


Smeg have been designing and manufacturing dishwashers for as long as their cooking appliances, with the highest attention to design detail and function. The grease cutting orbital wash system, which is unique to Smeg ensures less water within a cleaning cycle, and that the water utalised to its full potential with minimum electricity consumption. Specially designed Polycarbonate plinths contribute to noise reduction and add to the overall strength of the dishwasher.

Direct Flame
Smeg's latest advancement is the new PTSA burner assemblies that ensure a more efficient vertical flame with reduced side flame wastage. For those who love gas cooking, this improvement will be instantly recognised and enjoyed.

The Smeg Bacteria Suppression System (BSS) has taken refrigeration to a whole new dimension. The BSS system is an infused silver application which significantly slows the growth of bacteria and ensures food stays fresher longer. On the outside it's all style on the inside it's no maintenance, frost free and nano-applied technology of the bacteria suppression system which can add weeks to the shelf life of your stored food.

Advanced Electronics
Smeg spearheads technological development with advanced electronics that are easy to follow and adapt for special needs. Advanced electronics offer automatic preheats, cooking temperatures, durations, recipe stage and thermostat control for perfect cooking results.

Healthy Steam
For healthy vitamin retention or perfectly browned roast dinners, Smeg steam does it all. Smeg's steam range includes a dedicated steam only oven and a unique full sized steam convection, fan-forced multifunction oven which at any time is a dedicated steam oven, or full-sized electric oven with all of Smeg's traditional cooking functions.


Smeg has spent many decades developing Thermoseal, a unique system for cooking which produces consistently better results. Thermoseal, a unique system for cooking which produces consistently better results. Thermoseal is a combination of technologies which creates a sealed and perfectly controlled cooking environment. If excess moisture is detected in the oven while cooking, a valve within the enameled oven roof draws the higher pressure condensing air out of the oven to be rapidly expanded as it mixes with the circulating tangential cooling fan controlled air. Perfect cooking conditions for perfect results are maintained at all times. Simultaneously cooked, crispy baked potatoes and succulent roasts can be assured. A Smeg Thermoseal oven is energy efficient because it reaches cooking temperature more quickly and uses less energy to maintain cooking temperatures. A Smeg Thermoseal oven is cleaner because the splatter produced by air in a vented oven is reduced. A Smeg kitchen is cleaner because oven-hot air laden with moisture, oils and food particles is not continually released. Ultimately cooking with Thermoseal means that your meat is succulent, retaining more of its natural juices, pastries are crisped to perfection and cakes rise evenly. With Smeg Thermoseal, you can acheive professional, gourmet results.

Self Cooling
In addition to the Thermoseal system, Smeg ovens also incorporate an independent tangential fan cooling system. Fresh air is drawn into a void between the outside skin and the oven to temper any radiant heat. On the air's return to the outside it is diverted between the door panes to cool the otherwise warmest part of the oven exterior. Air is also diverted through the control panel, thus ensuring a safe to touch fascia, control knobs and handle.

Cleaner Kitchen
Because Thermoseal prohibits air from the oven cavity escaping during the cooking process, the kitchen remains much cleaner. There is no discharge of heat, smoke or grease that would discolour surrounding kitchen finishes and ceiling.

Non venting - A Smeg Thermoseal oven does not vent air during the cooking process. As a result of the oven not continuously sourcing new air, the control over the oven's interior becomes much more stable. Coupled with the superior insulation and multiple glazed door panels, the result is a reduction in radiant heat loss. A Smeg Thermoseal oven ensures the most stable cooking environment and importantly, succulent results.

FAB Appliances


They are best known for their 1950s-style "retro" refrigerators (the FAB range) that have curved corners and come in a variety of non-traditional colors (for example pastel blue, lime green, orange, yellow and pink) and patterns (including striped, Union Jack and various other themed versions). The FAB range has now extended to cover dishwashers, washing machines and even (in the UK) flueless gas fires.


More recently they have expanded their product range to include induction hobs, integrated washing machines and washer dryers. In addition, they scored a hit with sales on the “Opera” range of freestanding range cookers, such as the A1, which has almost become a style icon, much like the famed FAB28 fridge and its derivatives. These products, along with style-led design in other areas, has led to SMEG being regarded by consumers and the media as leading the industry in design and aesthetics.

In the media

SMEG's status has become almost iconic and is much seen on both the large and small screen. FAB fridges and fridge freezers can be seen in V for Vendetta and EastEnders and even Wallace and Gromit have a 'SMUG'. Jamie Oliver regularly cooks on an A2 "Opera" range cooker; indeed SMEG appliances are regularly seen on cooking programmes in general. Some recent TV adverts have also seen versions of the FAB machines with their badges removed. A recent channel 4 advert features a red FAB10 fridge (with the name SMEG removed) on a boat floating along a canal in Amsterdam flanked by two happy Grolsch drinkers. SMEG personally sponsored Gilles Villeneuve for his drive in for the Ferrari F1 team in the early 80's.

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